Parkinson’s Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation – Good Idea or Not?

Neuroscience_Neurology.jpgThere is a lot of buzz in the science literature about Deep Brain Stimulation, most recently a nicely written December 2005 correspondence reply article in the Journal of the American Medical Association entitled, “What Is Deep Brain Stimulation “Failure” and How Do We Manage Our Own Failures?” However, thanks to our fellow Brain Blogger “Always Learning,” I found the most interesting article of the last half-decade to be an excerpt from a speech made by the neurosurgeon Dr. Andreas Lozano, speaking on the theme I think that you will be impressed with his humorous and almost poetic delivery while speaking on the topic “Envisioning a New Century of Breakthroughs.” Take a look at the article and put in your two-euro worth in this roundtable.


Tony Brown, BA, EMT

Tony Brown, BA, EMT, graduated cum laude from Harvard University. He served as an EMT in the US Army stationed in Germany.
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