Brain Blogging, Sixth Edition

Brain_Blogging_Carnival2.jpgWelcome to the sixth edition of Brain Blogging – a semi-monthly blog carnival that aims to review posts “related to the brain and mind that go beyond the basic sciences into a more human and multidimensional perspective.”

This carnival is part of the Blog Carnival network. Please remember to submit your blog entries using the online submission form. We will do our best to review and include your entry! Enjoy your readings…


Talia Mana presents Do you worry too much? posted at Emotional Well-Being, saying, “A new questionnaire can help screen for generalized anxiety disorder.”

Deb Serani presents Anxiety Now, Anxiety Then posted at Dr. Deborah Serani, saying, “This post recent NIMH data that says those who experience anxiety as adults likely had similar isses in childhood.”

Memory & Cognition

The Positivity Blog presents 8 Ways to Spark Your Creativity posted at Henrik Edberg.

ananga presents Whole Brain Thinking: How to Get Your Right Hemisphere in the Picture… posted at Answers from Ayurveda.

Personal Stories

Lorraine Roach presents Help for Social Anxiety and Phobias: Dying of Embarrassment posted at Coping With Anxiety,

LolaLondon presents 1. Tell me a story, Jackanory… posted at L’undone, saying, “Here is a tale of high-weirdness, big love, cyber-crime and the mutual insane obsession of two people that never even met. This blog is the true story of how it happened and how I got through it.”

Self Awareness

Hal Sommerschield, Ph.D. presents I Like to Keep Score posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.


Anmol Mehta presents Brain Development and Enlightenment Part III: Insight Meditation posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga, saying, “Looking forward to participating in this carnival. Thanks, Anmol.”

State of Mind

Phil B. presents Money Can Not Buy Happiness « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “A lot of people think that being rich will make them happy, but they are wrong! Here’s why.”

Hal Sommerschield, Ph.D. presents Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

Jeremy Adam Smith presents The Essentialist Android posted at Science of the Greater Good.


Stephanie West Allen presents Gray matters: Neuro-boomeritis prevention and brain fertilization posted at idealawg.


TherapyDoc presents Grading the Parents, Damage Control posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, “Family therapy can be particularly mind boggling and frustrating. This post teaches professionals an intervention that works sometimes when blended families have trouble blending.”

TherapyDoc presents Head spin posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, “There’s depression, and there’s depression, there are triggers and triggers. This post aims to make sense of it all.”


Phil B. presents To All Smokers and Non-Smokers « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Help smokers quit smoking.”

John Hill presents Calcium Deficiency posted at Universe Of Success.

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN, is a board-certified neurologist and pain specialist, medical educator, and scientist. He is the executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF). He is a published scholar in biomarkers, biotechnology, education technology, and neurology. He serves on the editorial board of several scholarly publications and has been honored by the U.S. President and Congress.
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