Subconscious Mind and the Limbic System

Neuroscience and Neurology CategoryI once thought the brain was only a big cerebral cortex. I never thought that there is the little guy hidden underneath with such a dynamic function and prominent role in human behavior. When we talk about the brain, most people often imagine the big cerebral cortex that is responsible for out cognitive functions such as analyzing, thinking, memorizing, and etc. Our perception is that brain functions are all about abstract mind function. But there are other functions that we seldom realize in our lives that the small brain is responsible for.

Our uncensored behavior often stems from the functions of the limbic system. And this system is an interesting organ driven by the pure logic of pain and pleasure. It subconsciously affects our behavior in the pattern of emotional response. It responds to pleasure by an inner peace. It also reacts to threats by an instinct for a survival mode. In fact, the only language it speaks is fear or peace.

Another intriguing aspect of the limbic system is that it feeds off of your emotion. The stronger your feeling is toward a certain events or experience, the stronger it reacts to that particular emotion. It is quite conceivable that we can even train human behavior by manipulating this simple behavioral aspect of your lower brain.

Jonathan You

Jonathan You is a writer/pastor with a keen interest in science, especially in the area of metaphysics. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and Fuller Theological Seminary. Apart from his writing career, he spend much time preparing for seminars and lectures for his ministry. He runs a series of Successful Christian Living, which involves research on how the human mind works in relations to believer's success.
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