The Source of Intuition

Neuroscience and Neurology CategoryThe limbic system… Some scientists call this part of the lower brain a “transmitter to God” because it is at the center of the intuition that we experience. In other words, if we were to believe in the existence of human spirit, this is the part that would most likely connect our mind to the spirit.

There are actually many subparts we can divide our attentions into within the limbic system. My subsequent posts will deal with each sub organ of limbic system as the discussion leads. For now, I would like to stay focused on the concept of intuition that is related to the brain function.

Many people rely on their intuition. With varying degree of success, we all experience intuitive reactions in our lives without thinking. I made some intuitive decisions that my mind logically disagree with. And I don’t know how glad I am to have made such decisions intuitively. So then, how does the intuition work in relation to our subconscious mind? Learning about brain functions, I was always fascinated about its spiritual capability to connect our minds with qualities that are neither corporal nor scientific. This is one area that I am thrilled to study further.

Jonathan You

Jonathan You is a writer/pastor with a keen interest in science, especially in the area of metaphysics. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and Fuller Theological Seminary. Apart from his writing career, he spend much time preparing for seminars and lectures for his ministry. He runs a series of Successful Christian Living, which involves research on how the human mind works in relations to believer's success.
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