Brain Blogging, Fifteenth Edition

Brain_Blogging_Carnival2.jpgWelcome to the fifteenth edition of Brain Blogging — a semi-monthly blog carnival that aims to review posts “related to the brain and mind that go beyond the basic sciences into a more human and multidimensional perspective.”

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Jane Chin presents Smoking Pot Increases Risk of Developing Schizophrenia posted at Mental Health Source.

FitBuff presents Fish Oil Does It Again: ADHD and Eye Disease posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “As if fish oil didn’t already have a long enough list of health benefits, add improving ADHD symptoms to the list!”

Memory & Cognition

Charles H. Green presents Deer in the Headlights Decision-Making posted at Trust Matters, saying, “When faced with unexpected surprises the way most people react is to just do the same thing – they freeze, and can’t adapt.”

Matt presents Build your right-brain playground posted at, saying, “Employ your creativity on a more regular basis by building yourself a ‘right-brain playground.'”

GrrlScientist presents JavaJive: The Older You Get, the More that Coffee Helps Your Brain posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Recent research has shown that women older than 65 years old who drink more than three cups of coffee per day were protected from some types of age-related memory declines.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Training the Aging Workforce posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, “A new trend that will bring cognitive training to a corporate setting.”

Personal Stories

Ianternet presents How Hell’s Kitchen Season Finale was Inspirational posted at Ian Fernando.

Holly Ord presents Hermit posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Self Awareness

marguerite manteau-rao presents Green Girl Wannabe posted at La Marguerite, saying, “Self-honesty and Green.”

Marc and Angel presents Force of Character: Taking Ownership of Your Actions posted at Marc and Angel.


Bill Urell presents 7 Tips For Spirituality, Making A Connection posted at Addiction Recovery Basics.

State of Mind

Jimson Lee presents Energy Drinks: Are They Really Worth It? posted at, saying, “This is a follow-up from my last Nootropic article called ‘Pre-Competition, Energy, Focus and Mental Alertness Drinks.'”

Scott presents The New Psychology of Leadership posted at Scientific American.

TherapyDoc presents THIS is love? posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, “Is it virtual or is it real? The research says that your relationships to your avatar seem very real, indeed.”

Albert Foong presents How to remove negative thoughts and tame your monkey mind, Part 1 posted at Urban Monk, saying, “Controlling your mind – comprehensive and practical tips from the most respected systems, given the special Urban Monk treatment!”

Stigmatization & Discrimination

D Kai Wilson presents What is…? posted at Live, thrive Survive, saying, “Some of the myths and facts that govern bipolar disorder.”


Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents Some Fast Food For Thought posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, “Research indicates that credit cards can make you fat and that the leaner you are, the richer you’ll get. I’m lean, I’m rich, and I kicked my fast-food habit years ago. How? Here are my suggestions.”

Jeremy presents Anatomy of an Invention: The Case of MRI posted at Advances in the History of Psychology, saying, “The brain has been reified as an object of interest through the use of medical technologies like MRI. But where did MRI come from?”


Alvaro Fernandez presents Attention deficits: drugs, therapy, cognitive training posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, “Review of a few recent posts and articles.”


Derek Brown presents The Research Proven Alternative To Ritalin. Let’s Cure Our Children Naturally! posted at Digital Storme | Life On The Web, saying, “ADHD is a serious condition. It is robbing our children of their education and self esteem. As parents we want to do what’s best for our children, to help them succeed in this fast paced world of ours. We depend on our doctors for guidance, but what if that guidance is just flat out wrong?”

Karen Halls presents Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment posted at Addiction Recovery Blog, saying, “Different rehab centers have different drug rehabilitation services, facilities, costs and credentials. Many of us have no idea as what are the things that we are suppose to look for in a rehab center.”

Vahid Chaychi presents Use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Build Self- Esteem posted at

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN, is a board-certified neurologist and pain specialist, medical educator, and scientist. He is the executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF). He is a published scholar in biomarkers, biotechnology, education technology, and neurology. He serves on the editorial board of several scholarly publications and has been honored by the U.S. President and Congress.
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