Shazeda Khan Appointed New Editor of Brain Blogger

System_Messages.jpgTo our readers: As a new editor and as an activist for public awareness, I shall be promoting knowledge in this field to its fullest extent for all to enjoy.

Currently, I am studying psychology at Baruch College in New York City. Psychology has long been an area of passionate intrigue for me; with its palette of varying concepts it piqued my curiosity last year. As a result it sparked an unquenchable desire to learn more about this area and the developing field of neuroscience, weighing with particular emphasis on the latter.

In addition, I shall be reviewing blogger contributions dealing in the areas of neuroscience, psychiatry and neurology from a biological, psychological and sociological perspective. As well as generating thought on the latest news within psychology that has been brought to light.

I look forward to our discussions and the eminent success of this blog.

Shazeda Khan

[Former] Editor, Brain Blogger

Shazeda Khan, MS (c)

Shazeda Khan, MS candidate, aspires to become a neuropsychologist. She is enrolled in a Master of Science in Neuroscience and Education program at Columbia University. She has volunteered at NY-Presbyterian Morgan Stanleys Children Hospital Oncology Outpatient Unit and Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Alzheimer's program conducting research on psychology and skin oriented conditions. She is also interning at The National Center for Learning Disabilities.
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